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Do you remember the Minnetrista Golf Course?

Between 1923 and sometime in the 1950s, Minnetrista Golf Course existed on the current site of the Muncie Central High School athletic fields. Established as a gift from Frank C. Ball and Edmund B. Ball to the Muncie Y.M.C.A., the Minnetrista Golf Course was a public nine-hole course that was one of Muncie’s unique recreational facilities. According to Frank C. Ball, he “shot the first ball” at the dedication of the course.

 We would like to hear from anyone who has memories of the Minnetrista Golf Course. We would also like to have photographs of people playing at the golf course and/or artifacts (score cards, advertising, etc.) from the course. While we prefer to have these items donated to the Minnetrista Heritage Collection, we are also glad to scan the originals then return them to the owner.

 If you have information or artifacts to share, please comment below! Also, contact Karen Vincent at (765) 287-3547 or kvincent@minnetrista.net. I promise to share what we learn at a later date.