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What is a Rain Garden?

rain garden sign

Storm water management and rain gardens go hand-in-hand. A rain garden allows rainwater to collect and soak naturally into the ground before it flows into the river. The ground naturally filters out pollutants. One of our big garden projects in 2011 has been the Rain Garden that runs along the White River Greenway.

The Rain Garden at Minnetrista uses its 6,200 square feet to capture
storm water. It is designed to hold water for up to two days, allowing it to
slowly filter back into the soil. Native perennials thriving in this natural
area are tolerant of the fluctuating water conditions.

Next time you visit, stop by the Rain Garden for ideas on including one in your yard.

If you’re curious about storm water management, rain gardens, and green roofs, stop by for our daily Storm Water Tour at 2 p.m.

(The tour is funded by a grant from the Muncie-Delaware County
Stormwater Management Department of the Muncie Sanitary District.)