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Family Traditions


Is there a holiday event, meal, or decoration that you look forward to seeing every year? More than likely, that something has become a tradition for you.
As a child I can remember laying down under our Christmas tree watching the Bubble Lights bubble while I played with a plastic-canvas train set that my mother made.  My brother and I enjoyed taking turns rearranging all the components of the little plastic Christmas village. Year after year this set became a normal part of our holiday season. I’m sure at the time my mother thought she was just creating a holiday decoration, but now it’s my kids that play with the same set while visiting their grandparents. When I see it, I am reminded of all those Christmas memories of years past. I wanted my kids to have the same type of fond memories, so I started intentionally planning and setting aside time for special holiday activities. Some of these events have gone on to become new traditions for us.


One such holiday tradition that my family began several years ago is attending The Enchanted Luminaria Walk. We bundle up and head to Minnetrista to soak in the beautiful music,  view the spectacular Christmas decorations, and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. My kids look forward to this event each year.  Though the cold weather may be frightful, the warm cherished memories we create are simply delightful.

I created a Family Planner to help keep track of our special traditions. What holiday traditions does your family enjoy together? 

Here are a few ideas:

* Play a board game as a family.

* Read a Christmas book each day during the month of December.

* Bake cookies.

* Do a craft together.

* Attend The Enchanted Luminaria Walk (Dec. 2-3) and the Gingerbread Workshop (Dec. 10)

* Listen to holiday music.

* Do something kind for a neighbor.

* Share a meal with friends.

* Learn about Christmas traditions from around the world.




Maureen Spell is a former elementary school teacher who now has a classroom of 6 at home. She blogs at Spell Outloud sharing early education activities and homeschool highlights.