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5 Tips for a Smoother Wedding Day

If you visit Minnetrista in the spring, you notice the buds on the trees, the flowers in bloom, the grass freshly mowed, and the event team gearing up for another wedding season.  We know it is every brides dream to have the perfect wedding day. You know the kind, seen on TV with the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, glamorous decorations, and something unique that symbolizes individuality. Let’s face it that only happens on TV, and with an unlimited budget.

Here are some of our tips for a more enjoyable wedding day.

5. Every event has its hiccups. Expect that it’s not going to go perfect. The ring bearer may skip instead of walk, babies might cry during the vows, the wind might blow your hair in your face, someone requested a song you don’t like, the napkins and the flowers might not be the exact same shade of pink.  Remember though, at the end of the day, neither you nor your guests are going to remember any of those little details.

4. 2nd in Command. The bride has a lot to do especially on her wedding day. One simple stress reliever is to put someone else in charge on the day of.  For example, if the caterer has a question, there is someone other than the bride to go to answer questions.  This way, the bride can enjoy all the day of events, from getting her hair done, her dress on, pictures, and the special moments with family and friends.

3. Have fun! Easier said than done! Remember to enjoy yourself and the day. The day flies by quicker than you realize. If brides spend all day worrying about the little things, they forget to enjoy the rewards of their planning and hard work. So when you find yourself stressed because your pregnant bridesmaid called it an early night and left, don’t worry. Grab your groom, hit the dance floor, and celebrate!

2. Itinerary, itinerary, itinerary! It’s like a wedding map to help guide everyone from start to finish on the big day. We often advise brides to create a detailed outline of the day, from the time they wake up to the last dance. For example, what time should the wedding party be ready for pictures, what time is decorating of the reception hall, when is hair and makeup being done and where, what time will the DJ introduce the wedding party, what time is dinner served, when are you cutting the cake, who’s serving the cake, what time are the specialty dances. Then pass it out! Give it to your reception hall, DJ, Photographer, Caterer (include contact names and phone numbers) and your bridal party. Everyone then knows what to expect, where to be and when.

1. Tis’ the Reason. Don’t forget why you’re here. In the end, it’s not about cake or chair covers, chicken or beef, or even roses or lily’s. It’s about the bride and groom and the journey they’re about to begin with each other.  Remember, it’s the first day of the rest of your life together so make it count.  Stop, take a deep breath, grab your groom, and make a memory.

Stephanie Wiles is the Sales and Events Coordinator at Minnetrista. She’s been part of Minnetrista since 2005. When she’s not helping brides with their big day, she enjoys jogging, history and traveling.

Amanda Kavars is the Sales and Events Manager at Minnetrista. Originally from Minnesota, she has been in the event industry since 2002. Amanda is a wife, mother of two girls and enjoys gardening and cooking.