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Things to Consider When Designing Your Garden

Is there more to putting a garden together besides simply picking pretty plants? You bet! When considering overall garden design: plant placement, form, color and leaf texture all play a vital role in giving a garden a dazzling appearance.

To keep things interesting, you can repeat plant form, color, and texture throughout your garden using different plants to achieve repetition as well as variety. For example, you can use a lot of white flowers but have them be different species with varying forms and textures. In the Moon Garden, there is Hardy Hibiscus which is tall with large white blooms and large dark green leaves. Later, you’ll see creamy-white Hydrangeas with smaller dark green leaves. To pair with these, there’s Variegated Lilyturf as groundcover which is a smaller, light green plant grown for its foliage. All of these create a variety that pairs well together for a bright, luminous appearance.

Consider both leaf and flower color when selecting plants. Some plants have unique shades of green that can compliment others well or stand out. Personally, I love Snow-in-summer. It adds a great silvery-gray color against brown mulch and has little white flowers. We have some planted in the Rose Garden as well as in the Moon Garden here at Minnetrista. It always catches my eye!

Create a mix of fine-textured plants and bolder plants. Fine-textured plants are anythingthat gives a landscape a soft appearance, like ornamental grasses that have thin, wispy leaves. A bold plant can be anything that draws your eye in comparison to its neighbors. It can have bold-colored blooms, like Hot Papaya Coneflower or it can simply be something that catches your eye. Bold plants can also be a plant that has more substance. Mixing these with plants that you can see through or that are very narrow and upright can provide interest and texture. 

But let’s not ignore the most important thing when designing a garden: Have fun with it and add your own personal taste! Ultimately, it’s probably YOU who will get the most pleasure out of watching your garden grow from a few little sprouts into a beautiful, lush plant paradise! So start digging!

Paige is a student at Ball State University and Social Media Intern at Minnetrista. She has a passion for the environment and strives to live simply by being a conscious consumer and making time for good friends, family and music.