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Two Accessories to Add to Your Canning Toolbox

Have you ever noticed when you start investing in a hobby that there is any number of nifty gadgets and tools to choose from? Canning is just the same. And, just like other hobby accessories, some of the tools are much more helpful that others! Are you having trouble figuring out which canning accessories are worth the money? Here is an overview of two tools Jarden released in the past few years that aren’t included in the basic Ball® Utensil Set but have made canning a little bit easier for me! 

Jarden’s Jar Holder

Jarden, the company that manufactures Ball fresh preserving products, now sells a  Ball®Secure-Grip Hot Jar Handler. 

You may think this looks like just a glorified pot holder, which is sort of true! This jar holder, however, has a silicone coating and a curved shape that helps grip hot or slippery jars and prevents burned fingers!

Have you ever tried securing a ring onto a jar filled with boiling liquid? Those who use the fingertip-tight method are familiar with this little dance: “twist, ouch, twist, ouch, twist, and done!” Jarden’s new accessory will protect your hands and ensure that you don’t fling your jar across the counter or onto the floor! This product isn’t required for an avid canner, but it may become your new best friend. 

Jarden’s Jar Lifter

The Ball® Brand Secure-Grip Jar Lifter is another one of my favorite tools. This updated version is a vast improvement on the old standby. 

Like the old jar lifter, the new one helps a canner retrieve jars from the boiling water bath or pressure canner. Having a jar lifter is one of the basic necessities for any canner. While this updated version is slightly more expensive, it makes a canner’s life so much easier and is worth the investment! With the original style, the coating on the jar grip sometimes melts or gets sticky. I have not had this issue with the new jar lifter. Also, the handles and jar grip are much more substantial, making it easier to hold, which makes me more confident when moving hot jars filled with very hot products. It has become my go-to canning tool! 

Obviously, these are not the only two canning accessories that I use or enjoy. They are, however, two tools that aren’t part of the Ball® Utensil Set, but ones that are worth the investment for those of us who enjoy canning maybe a bit more than average! 

If you have any questions about these tools or any other one that you’ve seen or used, please feel free to contact me.

Do you have a favorite canning accessory? Tell us about it in the comments!

And, as always, HAPPY CANNING!!