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Not enough time or kitchen space? Not a problem.

Canning Season Is Here!

Garden season is now coming into full bloom. We’re seeing a lot of zucchini, cucumbers, and peaches at Farmers Market at Minnetrista—which is so exciting! This also means that canning season is in full swing. For many seasoned canners, this is a highly anticipated time, but it also means that there’s a lot of work ahead. 

Don’t Let Time Constraints Stop You from Canning

Perhaps you don’t have time to preserve full batches of produce this year, but you certainly don’t want to stop canning all together. Luckily, Jarden Home Brands—makers of Ball Fresh Preserving products—has created something just for you, the Ball Canning Discovery Kit. This product is great for people who want to dip their toes into canning, but aren’t ready to make a large investment. It is also great for canners without much space for a larger, regular canner.  

The Ball Canning Discovery Kit makes simple work of canning. All you need is the little green basket that comes in the kit and a stockpot, and you have yourself a canning pot! With this kit, you can preserve three pints or four half pints. This works well with the new small batch canning recipes that have become popular recently.

Great for Small Kitchens

Where I live, space is an issue. When I can in my home, I use the Ball Canning Discovery Kit. It allows me to preserve the food my little garden produces but doesn’t take up too much space on my shelf. If I have a lot of one specific food to can, I use my mother’s big canner or borrow one from a friend.

I’ve also found that it serves two purposes! I love using it for blanching tomatoes or peaches to prep them for recipes.


Not a Tool for Big Batch Canning

Many avid canners will wonder why they’d bother preserving only three jars of something. If this is you, the Ball Canning Discover Kit may not be your best option. I would probably use it a lot less if I had a place for a larger water bath canning system. Since I don’t, this is a great piece of equipment.

plastic canning rack

The Ball Canning Discovery Kit works well when preserving small canning batches, to get you started with food preservation, or if you have limited kitchen space.

Are you a small or large batch canner? Let us know in the comments!