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What is this thing?

Every now and then an object of mysterious function comes into the Minnetrista Heritage Collection. Often, the donor doesn’t know what it is, but just that they “found it when I cleaned out grandma’s basement.” We look through our reference books and search on-line. It is hard, however, to Google something when you have no idea at all what it is.

clientuploads/Blog/Local History/ladele.jpg

The thing in this picture arrived at Minnetrista in 1992—pre Google—and was cataloged as a punch ladle. Registrar Diane Barts took it out of its safe little storage place not long ago and shared it with the rest of the Collections staff. We all have serious doubts about it being a punch ladle. 

The glass cup of this “ladle” is attached to a wood handle with a screw—now rusty—cushioned by a small rubber gasket—now hard and broken. The glass of the cup is a fourth of an inch thick, and the cup is approximately three and one forth inches deep. The cup is divided into three equal segments by seam lines. The handle is painted black and is nine and a half inches long. 

Help Us To Identify This Object

Did you look at the photo and say “Oh, sure that’s a _____.”?  Did you find one in your grandma’s basement along with identification? Are Diane, Susan, Nadia, and I wrong, and it is a punch ladle as previously identified?

Let us know what you think!