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Don’t throw in the kitchen towel. There’s still time for great canning this fall!

Don’t throw in the kitchen towel. There’s still time for great canning this fall!

It’s time to get geared up for canning! The season is about to begin, and I’m super excited to get started with preserving another year’s worth of fresh garden deliciousness. Wait. What’s the date? Is it October already? I’m sure many of you are finding yourself in the same situation. The summer has flown by and perhaps, like me, you haven’t found the time to preserve all of the foods you wanted. Maybe you’ve recently looked at your shelf, noticed that winter is coming, and realized that you still have a lot of empty Ball jars. Fear not, as there are still quite a few things that can be deliciously preserved!


What is still available?

Some of our summer favorites are still hanging on and will be well in to autumn until the first frost. Vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers are still ripening in East Central Indiana gardens. Sometimes, this late in the season, they may have more spots and blemishes, but that makes them great candidates for being made into salsa. And who doesn’t love salsa?


Pepper jelly is still a great choice for those jalapeños and green peppers that remain in your garden. This is a great item to can and use as an appetizer at dinner parties, served over cream cheese with crackers. You can even cook it with a roast, served over rice.  

What is at its peak in the fall?

There are also plenty of fruits and vegetables that are hitting their peak right about now. Apples of many varieties and cabbage are great during this time of year!


Cabbage can be made into sauerkraut. I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite, but is enjoyable served with corned beef or polish sausage. Because sauerkraut requires fermenting, making it will take a bit of time. But again, the result is great! 

There are some wonderful preserved foods that you can make using apples. Brandied apple rings, applesauce, apple pie filling, and apple butter are just a few examples. I’ve still got quite a few apples at home with applesauce written all over them—not literally, of course! These recipes can be used at home, as gifts, or for family gatherings during the holidays.

Even though it may seem as if time has all but slipped away, there is still time to preserve many foods for your family to enjoy during the winter months. Find recipes for these fall canning ideas and more at

Happy Canning!


What is your favorite item for fall canning? Why?