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Best Places To Store Canned Goods

Before we all get too heavily invested in canning wonderful goodies this season, we should first consider where we’ll store the foods that we preserve. If you are only going to preserve a couple items, perhaps this isn’t a big question for you. You can just store them with your other store-bought canned and dried goods. However, if you’d like to get more heavily involved with canning, you probably should consider storage beforehand.

So, what type of storage is necessary? Why does it matter? There are a number of different factors to think through when choosing where to store your canned goods. It would be pretty terrible to go through all of the effort to preserve a lot of food, just for it to go bad while in storage. So, here are a few of the factors to look into.

Factor One: Temperature

Make sure to store your canned goods in a space where the temperature remains between 50 degrees and 70 degrees. The space should have a relatively constant temperature.

Factor Two: Location

You want to be sure to pick a location that can hold a lot of weight. If you are planning to can a lot of food during the season, you will have a lot of jars when you are finished. Each jar doesn’t weigh too much however, all of them together will be quite heavy. So, choose a shelf that is very sturdy.

Also, make sure you can get to your shelf easily. This way you can rotate through canned goods that are older first and place newly canned items in the back without too much trouble. This will help you use goods in the right order.

Factor Three: Other Conditions

It is best to store canned goods where it is dark. At least, make sure there is no direct sunlight on your canned goods. Yes, the colors look lovely on a window sill. However, the sun will bleach out your foods and change the flavor. Also, direct sunlight can get really hot. That will, in essence, continue slowly cooking the food in the jars.

I realize that finding a location for canned goods is sometimes difficult. Until quite recently, I have lived in an apartment.  There was limited space there for…anything! But, I made a spot for canned goods in my pantry with the rest of the foods. I was just limited to how much of anything I could make. Now, I live in a house with a basement. When we moved in I realized quickly that we had a GREAT place for canned goods. It is dark, cool, and the shelves (though curved) are quite sturdy. So, I can finally can all I want. I will just have to find the time to do it!

My shelf is looking empty after the move. I can’t wait to fill it back up this season!

Do any of you have wonderful spaces for storing canned goods? Please send in a photo to share with us. As always, Happy Canning!