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Update On Canning At Minnetrista

WELCOME SPRING!!!  I think I can say that for real now. I mean, it can’t snow in May, right…Oh my, I hope that’s right! Anyway, back to the point. Welcome to springtime. I’m super excited seeing all of the plants pop out of the ground.  I’m looking forward to planting my tomatoes soon. And Farmers Market at Minnetrista opened outdoors last week! This is a wonderful time when all these items to can are so plentiful.

Opening Day of Farmers Market at Minnetrista Outdoor Season 2014

Having all of the produce available for canning means it is a super special time at Minnetrista! We have a great lineup of canning workshops for this year from June to September. We will explore water bath canning, as well as pressure canning. We will also try new and different recipes. Some of the recipes I’m most excited about include: bruschetta, beef stew, and rhubarb jam—yum! Check out our workshops page for dates and times.

Also, I’m proud to announce that Minnetrista has been accepted, as one of 50 markets nationwide, to be part of the Discover You Can: Make, Learn, Share program. Every Saturday from June to September, I will be outdoors at Farmers Market demonstrating how to preserve food and I will be ready and willing to answer your canning questions! So, make sure you stop by the booth for information on canning, free samples, and to register for the raffle each week.

Canning is a major part of Minnetrista Heritage. I am so glad that we can continue the traditions started here many years ago. Come out to Farmers Market to see me or get more in-depth information about canning, and try your hand at something new at one of Minnetrista’s canning workshops. I look forward to seeing you!