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Cranberry Sauce-WOOT!

It seems for some people that cranberry sauce is the fruit cake of Thanksgiving. By that I mean, it is the thing that people buy but rarely eat. However, a good cranberry sauce (like good fruitcake, I’m told) can be a delicious addition to any turkey dinner.

Ball has a great and easy recipe for making cranberry sauce. It has a good texture, bursts with flavor, and boasts a beautiful color. For a delicious recipe that will be sure to please your dinner guests this Thanksgiving, follow the instructions at this link.

But, what should you do with the leftover cranberry sauce? There are so many options! Cranberries have a very versatile flavor that can be paired with many other foods. Using any leftover turkey that you may have, make a yummy turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce used as a spread. Another great sounding idea is to make cranberry syrup for pancakes or waffles. To do this, just add some orange juice and let it cook down.

There are many more interesting ways to use cranberry sauce. You could even take two rectangles of dough, put some cranberry sauce in the middle, and then crimp the edges. Bake these sweet treats at 350 degrees for 18-25 minutes. I also found a recipe for cranberry sauce muffins. For this recipe, click here.

Cranberry sauce is both versatile and delicious! Whenever you want to make it, or whatever you choose to make with it, just remember to have fun. Try out the recipes listed above, or even try out a creation of your own with this beautiful, sweet, and tart product!

As always, Happy Canning!