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A Fresh Take on Canning at Minnetrista

As we are looking to the future for our food preservation programming at Minnetrista, there are many questions that we have about what you, our visitors, would be interested in. With this blog I’m asking for your feedback. Tell me what you think about our current programs (if you are familiar with them), and what you’d like to see in future programming.

  • What do you want to know about food preservation?
  • How can we make workshops better suit your needs?
  • What type of home preservation techniques are you most interested in? (canning, dehydrating, fermenting)
  • What format is best for canning? Do you like learning informally? Structured workshops? Community canning kitchen?
  • What information would be most useful in a blog? Video, recipes, tips?

Are there any other comments that you have about what we currently do or what you would like to see from us in the future? Please feel free to share with me. If you would like to comment privately, you can email me at amann@minnetrista.net.

Thank you in advance for any comments and suggestions you may have. As always, Happy Canning!