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It’s not all canning! Try the freezer too . . .

Typically, I write a lot about preserving foods in jars—canning. Well, there are a lot of different ways to preserve foods. An often, but not thought of, easy, and convenient (if you have space) way to preserve a lot of types of foods is in the freezer.

I’m expecting a new baby in a couple of months and I’m hoping to get some pre-prepped food put away in the freezer before then. This way, I can (hopefully) avoid the temptation to eat all the pizza and fast food in town because there isn’t time to cook!

In the past I have made many things to freeze and eat later—soups, spaghetti sauce, chili and lasagna. These all taste just as good after being frozen. I will probably make many of these tried and true recipes. However, I was hoping to add a bit of variety. So, I’ve looked into a few more options and figured I should share them with all of you. Freezing meals can be great for all, not just expecting families.

Some of the most interesting recipes that I’m hoping to make within the next couple of months.

Kale Parmesan Casserole

I have frozen some casseroles in the past and some were great and others weren’t. A cheese and rice casserole should be one that works out well after being frozen.


I remember when I was a kid my mom used to freeze waffles with a sausage patty to have ready-made breakfasts available. The texture of the waffles change a bit but this is still a winner for me.

Chicken Nuggets

I know breaded chicken can be great from the freezer and have confidence this will be good and easy.

Pot Pie with Chicken

Pot pie is a wonderful comfort food! I am excited to make a couple of these to put back for eating at a later time. I’ve made pot pies very similarly before but I haven’t frozen any yet. When I make mine I add more carrots and peas and eliminate the celery—that’s just a preference thing though.

These are just a few of the options I think I will be trying within the next couple of months to prep, for having no time as a new mom. What types of meals and things do you love to freeze?