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Adopting Trees Helps Muncie’s Urban Forest

If you have read any of my articles, or have heard me speak, you have probably found out that I love trees. For as long as I can remember, and long before I knew many of their names, I have loved trees. They are the giants of the forest and being among them is always a renewing experience for me.

But the benefits that trees provide go well past a spiritual level. They have some incredibly practical impacts. From stormwater treatment and add value to your home, to energy use reduction and countless benefits to wildlife, trees are a work horse in the environment.

For those reasons and many more, it is crucial that urban areas like Muncie have an adequate tree canopy that can create what is termed an urban forest.

Unfortunately, aging tree populations and pests like Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) have been quickly reducing Muncie’s urban forest, and it needs help. That is where we all can make an impact.

Encourage Muncie homeowners to participate in Muncie’s Urban Forestry Department’s Adopt-a-Street Tree Program. By participating, you will receive a free 1.5” –2” tree to be planted in the public right-of-way in front of your home, as long as the planting space is 4 feet wide.

Once the free tree that you’ve adopted is delivered, simply plant it using mulch and water, and if necessary, properly stake the tree. By participating in the Adopt-a-Street Tree Program you are agreeing to take full responsibility of maintaining the tree during its life.

If you ask me, that is a pretty good deal. With a little sweat equity and time, you’ll have a new tree near your home to benefit from, while the city as a whole benefits too. Even better, trees are available for planting this fall!

For more information on the Adopt-a-Street Tree Program, visit cityofmuncie.com/urban-forestry-office-muncie.htm, or call 765.747.4858. Be sure to follow the Muncie Urban Forestry Committee on Facebook.