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Winter Activities at Minnetrista

You may have noticed the temperature dropping outside, and have started to go into hibernation mode, but maybe you wrote winter off a little too soon. Maybe there’s a place near you, in Muncie, that has 40-acres filled with fun activities every season. At Minnetrista, there are 40-acres of fun every season, and winter is no exception.

The biggest winter event that happens at Minnetrista is Enchanted Luminaria Walk. This year, it is taking place December 2–3 from 6–9 p.m., and is free and open to the public. Our 40-acre campus will be bright with luminaries tracing every path leading to fun, festive activities.

This year, our theme is gingerbread, so you will find gingerbread decorations all throughout campus. There will also be music, food, crafts, carriage rides, and more. It is a must see event.

After Enchanted Luminaria Walk is over, maybe you will still want to enjoy the outdoors, and there is no better way to explore, than by checking out one of our family-fun Explorer bags! These are activity bags, that will guide you through specific activities both inside and out. All you have to do is check one out by visiting the front desk at Minnetrista. Click here for a complete list of Explorer bags.

Our favorite Explorer Bag during the winter is the Winter Bird Quest bag. It takes bird watching to a whole new level, and with 40-acres, there are plenty of different birds to see. Who knows, you might even spot a bald eagle.

Whether you decide to stay inside or outside this winter, Minnetrista has something for you! Maybe you will decide to spend the day exploring our galleries with glass creations inspired by kid’s artwork, or maybe you will decide to spend the afternoon taking a brisk walk through the Nature Area.

Minnetrista has plenty to offer and do, so that you don’t have to hibernate this winter. However, naps are still allowed. Happy winter!