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A Winter Bird Quest Happened at Minnetrista?

Minnetrista had the pleasure of inviting two girls from our community to play and discover our 40-acre campus with the Winter Bird Quest Explorer Bag. With the help of the girl’s mother, Joleen and Claire spent a fun and exciting afternoon with us!

To begin the Winter Bird Quest Explorer Bag, Joleen and Claire read a story about birds, and ones to look for right outside their windows. The story gave Joleen and Claire a chance to ask questions about the birds they might see, and where they might find these birds.

Next, the girls used the binoculars to see if they could find some birds, or other creatures, that live in this particular habitat’s trees. While, they didn’t spot any birds nesting, they did see many flying. They spotted sparrows, crows, a dove, and their favorite, a cardinal.

We were able to teach the girls about what birds they saw, where they live, the nests they build and the kind of things they eat. They even learned some birds lay exotic colored eggs.

Lastly, the girls sat down for one last book to recap on what they had learned. The girls were able to ask more questions and find the answers here. Overall, they had a fun and exciting afternoon. Claire said her favorite part was spending time with her sister. We encourage you to bring your kids out and borrow an explorer bag to keep them busy and learning this winter. The added bonus is they get to do all these fun activities while spending time with their family.