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Get Ready for Nature Play Days

As a kid growing up in East Central Indiana, June, July, and August were my favorite months of the year. School was out for the summer, and the warm summer air that had been beckoning me and my friends all May was finally ours for the taking!

For three months, no amount of sunburns or sleepless nights could stop our exciting adventures under the sun, and trust me, there were many. Being able to be surrounded by nature and natural items was able to provide us with infinite benefits, including new risk-taking opportunities, gross motor skill development, absorption of new knowledge, and, of course, the elimination of electronics.

Now, as an adult, I get to spend my summer days working at Minnetrista, which is the best place to be a kid, and also be outdoors. Our 40-acre campus exposes children and families of all ages to unique living and growing items, which promotes year-round exploration and curiosity. As a community gathering place, that’s what we strive fun, and it’s also more fun and less work.

In an effort to get more children and families outside this summer, Minnetrista is proud to announce an upcoming partnership called Nature Play Days. In conjunction with BY5 and Indiana Children & Nature Network (ICAN), we invite the community to our portion of these statewide Nature Play Days on June 10–18.

Together, children and families of all ages can enjoy ten FREE activities with the Imagination Playground, lawn games outside of Betty’s Cabin, creepy crawlies in the Backyard Garden, Special Saturday art, and by learning how to garden.

For more information regarding Nature Play Days at Minnetrista, please visit, or call 765.282.4848. It’s here you can find dates, times, and the location of each different play day across campus. For a full list of Delaware County Nature Play Day opportunities as well, visit or

Until then, Happy Exploring!