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So, What is Nocturnal Week at Minnetrista?

Calling all nature lovers! You’re invited to the first Nocturnal Week in Betty’s Cabin the week of January 16–21.

In preparation for this new event, we interviewed Experience Guide Rachel Foster, who is one of the creators behind this program, and the staff member who will be implementing Nocturnal Week. See our interview below.

What is the purpose/importance of Nocturnal Week at Minnetrista?
Rachel: “The purpose is to provide fun, family activities that educate people on nocturnal animals. It’s both engaging and fun.”

What activities can families expect?
Rachel: “We are having a candy scavenger hunt in Betty’s Cabin, a craft day where we will be creating small owls and bats, and a game consisting of bingo and memory games.”

What’s your favorite day for Nocturnal Week and why?
Rachel: “I’m most excited for the candy scavenger hunt because they get to create masks and wear them. I think the event will be really fun and cute.”

Are there things families can do at home to continue learning about Nocturnal animals?
Rachel: “Yes, they can visit their local library to read relevant books. They may even be able to spot these animals where they live.”

Nocturnal Week is a free community event so we invite you and your family to join in on the fun. The activities will all be taking place in Betty’s Cabin January 16–21. For all the exact times and descriptions, you can see them on our website.