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Do It Yourself – Spring Flowers in a Ball Jar

Springtime may bring blooming flowers outside, but you can create your own DIY flowers inside. With just a few materials, we created our own indoor garden that will stay vibrant all year long!


Two sheets of tissue paper in different colors
Pipe cleaner
Decorative rocks
Ball jar

Step 1: Cut 4 squares out of each sheet of tissue paper, so you have 8 squares of the same size. The squares we used in the video were 1/16 of the sheet.

Step 2: Stack the squares on top of each other, alternating colors. Fold accordion style.

Step 3: Secure the middle by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the paper. This will be your stem.

Step 4: Cut both ends of the paper to make the petals. You can experiment with different patterns.

Step 5: Slowly pull apart the layers of the flower, starting from the most inner layer.

Step 6: Place your flower in a Ball jar with decorative rocks at the bottom.

Step 7: Voila! Show off your very own handmade flower arrangement.

You can try different sizes, colors, and shapes to create a wide variety of unique, handmade flowers.