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Explorer Bags: Gateways to Adventure!

The next time you want to enjoy the weather but are at a loss of what to do, check out an explorer bag from Minnetrista. Inside these bags are interactive objects, tools, and hands-on activities to help you discover something new during your visit.

The purpose of an explorer bag is to get families to work together to have an educational experience. It’s an added bonus that the bags allow you to explore different areas of Minnetrista’s beautiful campus while promoting learning.

Explorer bags hang by the Front Desk in the Main Building. 


Explorer bags were created as a part of Minnetrista’s mission to gather people together and create educational spaces. Explorer bags are meant for all ages, but younger kids may find them especially exciting.

Explorer bags are unique; there are a variety of themed adventures you can choose from. Each bag has a book and/or additional learning materials, unusual gadgets, fun toys, and an interactive outside activity. Some bags have guided instructions while others allow you to utilize the objects at your discretion.

Discover new adventures year-round; explorer bags rotate seasonally. Current Eeplorer bags include the butterfly bag, health and wellness bag, pond discovery bag, art around me bag, and a sensory bag. The winter bird quest bag and snow day bag are available during the colder months.

The bags can be used all over campus, but many of the bags have specific themes that correlate with locations around campus. For example, the pond discovery bag is used in the Nature Area.

The pond discovery bag includes books and guides that are used by the pond.


While exploring with the pond discovery bag, you can identify water critters, understand the difference between frogs and toads, read books about the wildlife in that area, and test the water chemical level.

The pond discovery bag includes figurines that show the development from a tadpole to a frog.


The health and wellness bag is one of the most popular activities because of the variety of heart-racing adventures you can create. Explore Minnetrista’s expansive campus while running, and popping bubbles.

The objects inside of the health and wellness bag are colorful for an exciting afternoon adventure.


There is also a sensory bag thoughtfully designed for children with sensitivities. This bag includes soft toys, headphones, and a book to learn about emotions.

The sensory bag is special because it is completely free for everyone to use.


Next time you come to Minnetrista check out the explorer bags and share the experience of a new outside adventure!

Explorer bags are free for members to borrow all day long, and they are $5 per explorer bag to borrow for the general public. The sensory bag is free to everyone. Check them out at the front desk in the Center Building.

Click here to see further information to detailed descriptions of each bag and availability per month.