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Oh no! All of the glass is gone!

If you’re wondering why the Catalyst Sculpture looks a little odd, it may have something to do with the removal of all the glass! We thought it would take at least a week to remove the glass, but GRT Glass Design in Indianapolis was able to remove all of the glass in a single day.

But why are we are removing the glass? Well, our beloved Catalyst sculpture was erected in 2004, and over the past few years the dichroic glass, which is used to create the beautiful layers of color, has taken a beating from the weather and dirt. Outdoor sculptures always require some degree of updating, cleaning, and heavy maintenance because they have to regularly face the elements. And it is Minnetrista’s duty to make sure the sculpture stays in pristine condition.

A little background of the Catalyst for those who aren’t aware:

In the early 1990’s, Virginia B. Ball was on the hunt for an artist to create a sculpture, but none of the artists or their work truly stood out to her and the search was prematurely ended. Years later, Mrs. Ball reinstituted her search with a new mission in mind, finding artwork to honor her husband, Edmund F. Ball who had passed away. She found the work of Indiana artist, Beverly Stucker Precious, and was impressed. Unfortunately, Mrs. Ball passed before the sculpture was completed and installed; the Catalyst Sculpture became a memorial to both Edmund F. and Virginia Ball.

While the glass is out of the sculpture, Bo-Mar Custom Metal Fabrication out of Indianapolis will come in and clean and make repairs to the stainless steel. We are so excited for the prospect of a better-than-ever Catalyst sculpture!