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Meet Our Grounds Team

In one of our last blog’s you were introduced to our Horticulture Team—some of the people that keep Minnetrista looking its best. This week, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our Grounds Team! The Grounds Team is comprised of Manager, Steve Scott; Supervisor, Olaf Larson; and assistants Tim Smith and Brian Peterson. These gentleman work tirelessly every single day to make sure Minnetrista’s roads are clear, the paths are clean, and the grass and grounds are well-cared for and looking their best.

From L to R: Brian Peterson, Tim Smith, Olaf Larson, and Steve Scott

Steve Scott
I have been with Minnetrista for 29 years,  I like to stay active. I think that is why I enjoy my job on the grounds. In my free time I enjoy bicycling. I commute to and from work on most days between April and November. I also enjoy the time I can spend working in my own yard at home. Mostly, I like to spend time with my family. My favorite part of the job is that work here is never the same. There is always something new that presents a challenge. Much of what we do on the grounds has an immediate positive impact on the overall appearance of the campus. When a job is finished, it is nice to be able to stand back and take pride in what you just did, even if it was an insignificant task. The grounds crew enjoys working along with other departments across campus from exhibits to Collections and everything in between. We will do anything for brownies!

Olaf Larson
I have been at Minnetrista for 13 years. My favorite part of the job is the variety of tasks throughout the year. Mowing, brick and stone work, exhibit installations, snow removal, the apples and cider, and so much more. In my free time I enjoy landscaping and vegetable gardening at home.

Tim Smith
I have been with Minnetrista for 25 years. My favorite part of the job is that we are always doing something different and active. We do a variety of projects and work around Minnetrista’s campus from mowing, to brick work, to cider pressing. In my free time I enjoy music.

Brian Peterson
I have been at Minnetrista for 13 years. My favorite parts of the job is the different work we do all year round. I can be in Oakhurst Gardens working on the paths fixing some of the walkways, mowing in the warmer months and removing snow and ice during winter. In my free time I enjoy woodworking and carving.

We want to thank our Grounds Team for all that they do take make sure that our campus is beautiful and taken care of. We couldn’t do what we do without them!