Prep Cook

Prep Cook

Position Title: Prep Cook
Reporting Department: Sales and Events Department
Reporting Supervisor: Catering Supervisor
Location: Minnetrista
Status: Non-exempt – Part Time


This position will produce and deliver a variety of meal types—from continental breakfasts, board luncheons, formal dinners, light refreshments and other approved food requests for receptions, events, meetings and tour groups.


  • Must be detail oriented in the procedures of food preparation and presentation.
  • Must have understanding of food safety and health department standards.

To be happy and successful in this position, an individual must be personally aligned with Minnetrista’s cultural values and visitor-centric focus.  S/he should be able to ensure effective working relationships by cultivating and maintaining professional credibility with all staff, administration, and volunteers.  The individual should demonstrate maturity, sound judgment, a good sense of humor, and be energized by working collaboratively with peers and colleagues throughout the organization and community.


Minnetrista’s culture is team-oriented and collaborative. To that end, all positions include the following three performance standards:

  • Your first priority and responsibility is to achieve the organization’s purpose. In other words, you in particular are responsible for considering Minnetrista’s, values, mission, goals and strategies within your daily routines.
  • Your second priority and responsibility is to help others achieve the organization’s purpose.
  • Your third priority and responsibility is to carry out your job function as described below:


  • Food preparation of hot and cold food items.
  • Assist catering team in buffet service and hand-served meals.
  • Set up kitchen area for assembly work.
  • Responsible for table set up.
  • Clean and sanitize supplies, equipment and work area for next preparation day.
  • Assist with dishes and event clean up.
  • Distribute finished product to proper location in a timely manner.
  • May assist with recipe development.
  • Manage food inventory and food delivery check-ins.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Will have exposure to food items and kitchen utensils daily. Will work in a kitchen environment and serve visitors.

Must be able to lift up to fifty pounds. A valid driver’s license or state identification is required.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Apply Online

Or mail your cover letter and resume to:


Attn: Human Resources Manager

1200 N. Minnetrista Pkwy.

Muncie, IN 47303-2925

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Resumes with cover letters will receive additional consideration – our jobs require writing, so a cover letter is a good way to “show what you know and how it applies to the posted position.”