Minnetrista is a museum and cultural center that opened to the public in 1988. Minnetrista offers exhibits and programs that focus on nature, history, gardens, and art. The 40-acre campus includes beautiful gardens and grounds, a modern museum facility, an historic home, Nature Area, numerous sculptures, and much more.

Being an intern at Minnetrista can be the first step in the development of your career. Internships offer you the chance to integrate classroom theory with career-related work experience. Interns have made strong contributions to the success and growth of Minnetrista. We are proud to offer diverse learning opportunities to the students of East Central Indiana and beyond. We look forward to working with you! Contact us for more information.

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Internship Opportunities at Minnetrista

Technical Internship

Culinary Internship

Sales and Events Internship

Orchard Garden Internship


Intern Testimonial:

Abby Wobbe, Ball State University
2018 Horticulture Intern

Working at Minnetrista as an Orchard Garden intern was a great way to spend the summer. I have always loved visiting the beautiful gardens at Minnetrista, so I jumped at the opportunity when an internship position arose. My love for gardening and the outdoors made this internship a great fit. The Horticulture team taught me everything I needed to know on the job.They made me feel very comfortable asking any questions I had. In addition to maintaining the Orchard Garden area through planting, weeding, and cultivation, I also developed many wonderful relationships.

My project was to create a keyhole garden. Keyhole gardens are very popular in arid regions and consist of a raised bed with a compost pile in the middle. The compost pile continuously provides nutrients to the soil allowing this bed to be used in any climate, regardless of the quality of the ground soil. This keyhole garden was not only a visually beautiful addition to the Orchard Garden space, but was a great talking point for visitors who were unfamiliar with this type of garden.

My favorite part of the internship was talking with visitors about the work I was doing. Seeing others get just as excited to see new plants grow as I was, was a very fulfilling feeling. I loved giving tours of the garden, encouraging picking and tasting, and explaining plant health to home gardeners.

I gained so much valuable knowledge and am so grateful for all of the experiences and memories. – Abby Wobbe


I felt like a true part of the team as a writing intern for Minnetrista. There was always something new for me to work on and plenty of opportunity to come up with my own projects as well. I especially enjoyed planning and writing articles for Columns, creating Other Happenings blog posts, and writing press releases and newspaper ads. 

 Besides practical writing experience, I also gained professional experience. The marketing department included me in meetings to plan events, the Annual Report, and our magazine. I saw behind the scenes at a non-profit and gained a well-rounded internship because of it. 

 After interning I feel better prepared for my future. I diversified my portfolio and knowledge alongside a welcoming staff. My time at Minnetrista was totally invaluable. – Margo Morton