Community Work

Community Work

Year Round
Grades K–2 (90 minutes each)

Pairs well with:

  • Tours—Habitat Hunters

Communities have many parts and norms that keep them going. Help your students gain understanding about what makes up a community and helps make communities work.

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What will my students do?

  • Play a game where they will need to utilize cardinal directions to get around
  • Explore how community rules help everyone get around
  • Design a community that has many of the important buildings needed for community function
  • Play a game where students learn about the common good for the community

What will my students learn?

  • Cities have many important parts that help them function
  • Understanding cardinal directions help us get where we want to be
  • Taking care of our community is important for everyone in the community
  • People in a community need to follow common rules for the good of the whole

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