School Tours: Earth Matters

Earth Matters

September–November; April–June
Grades 6–8 (90 minutes each)

Natural resources play a key part in all of our lives. How students use them will have a large effect on how much longer they will be here for our use. Students will explore Minnetrista locations to see how we help protect our natural resources.

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What will my students do? 

  • Make a common substance out of everyday minerals
  • Work as a class to plan an efficient, sustainable city
  • An activity that demonstrates the purpose of a green roof
  • Investigate properties of soil to determine if it is good for plant growth

What will my students learn?

  • Examine the role rocks and minerals play in our daily lives
  • Use and examine models that help us understand how things work
  • Understand how we can each make personal decisions that impact the environment, ourselves, and others within a community

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