School Tours: Eat Well, Play Well

Eat Well, Play Well

Grades K–2 (90 minutes each)

Pairs well with:

  • Tours—Johnny Appleseed

Good-bye food pyramid, hello My Plate! Your class will have fun playing healthy choice games and learning that diet and daily decisions play a large role in their health and safety. Exhibit exploration and hands-on activities will help your students discover ways to balance food and activity for a healthier lifestyle.

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What will my students do?

  • Enjoy a live theatre performance emphasizing balance and healthy choices
  • Play a game in which students classify foods into proper categories using the My Plate model
  • Explore one aspect—sugar—of some of our favorite snacks.
  • Choose physical activities that can help to balance food intake with energy burning

What will my students learn?

  • We can make choices that will help our bodies stay healthy
  • The My Plate diagram is a tool we use to help us eat the right kind and the right amount of food
  •  How to balance their sugar consumption
  • Focus on multiple aspects of foods to determine if they are healthy or not
  • Exercise can be fun AND beneficial

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