School Tours: Habitat Hunters

Habitat Hunters

September–November; Mid-April–June
Grades K–2 (90 minutes each)

Pairs well with:

  • Tours—Creepy Crawlies, Garden Science

Explore three of Indiana’s natural habitats in the Minnetrista Nature Area—tallgrass prairie, woodland, and pond. By applying observation skills, using scientific tools, and playing games, your students will discover the importance of each of these habitats and the plants and animals that call them home.

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What will my students do?

  • Explore the prairie using magnifying glasses and bug nets
  • Look for aquatic life with dip nets
  • Search high and low for wildlife in the woodland using binoculars
  • Play a game to learn the homes of native animals and plants
  • Explore the food chain and how animals and plants in different habitats are connected

What will my students learn?

  • Identify the three dominant habitats in Indiana
  • Understand that habitats are interconnected
  • Realize that living organisms include plants AND animals
  • Understand that tools can help us to better observe and understand the world around us
  • Discover that exploration is a fun and scientific process

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