School Tours: Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed – Pre-k

Pre-School (60-minute experience)

Johnny Appleseed knew that tiny seeds had great potential. On this tour, students will learn that although small in size, an apple seed has the potential to grow into a magnificent tree. Each seed and apple holds great possibility to become many different things.

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What will my students do?

  • Meet Johnny Appleseed in person
  • See a modern cider press; use a hand-crank press to make cider, then taste-test the results
  • Use their five senses to learn about different apples and the trees they grow on
  • Receive an apple to take home (While supplies last)

What will my students learn?

  • Understand that Johnny Appleseed was a real figure in history
  • Use their five senses to determine differences in both trees and apples
  • Examine and understand how machines have changed over time
  • Understand that a tree and the fruit that grows on it is a living thing

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