Indiana Book Festival

June 9, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Writers and book lovers are invited to join the Indiana Department of Education for the Indiana Book Festival. Enjoy a variety of award winning speakers including Homer Hickam and Matt de la Pena, as we celebrate lots and lots of books!

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Complete Schedule of Events:

Times Activities Location 
10 a.m. Matt de la Pena Gallery 3
10 a.m. Silly Safari Cantina
11 a.m. Nicole Martin Gallery 3
11 a.m. Minnetrista Theatre Preserves Cantina
11 a.m. Devin Brown Indiana Room
11 a.m. Matt de la Pena Book Signing Wishing Well
11 a.m. J. Wolf Scott Theatre/Green Room
12 p.m. Homer Hickam Gallery 3
12 p.m. Silly Safari Cantina
12 p.m. Ruth Ayers Indiana Room
12 p.m. Devin Brown/J. Wolf Scott Book Signings Wishing Well
1 p.m. Pernille Ripp Gallery 3
1 p.m. Silly Safari Cantina
1 p.m. Devin Brown Indiana Room
1 p.m. Homer Hickam/Ruth Ayers Book Signings Wishing Well
1 p.m. J. Wolf Scott Theatre/Green Room
2 p.m. Matt de la Pena – Writing Workshop Gallery 3
2 p.m. Minnetrista Theatre Preserves Cantina
2 p.m. Shannon Anderson *Book signing after in the room Indiana Room
2 p.m. Pernille Ripp Book Signings Wishing Well