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Minnetrista Theatre Preserves provides theatrical performances addressing educational standards. Using props, costumes, sets, and professional actors, MTP weaves stories around textbook subjects that will leave you spellbound and imagining like never before.

There are two ways to experience Minnetrista Theatre Preserves!

At your location:
Minnetrista Theatre Preserves will come to your location. Our van is loaded with sets, props, costumes, music, and actors, all ready to fill your space with interactive theatre experiences. You just provide the space and the audience!

As part of your visit to Minnetrista:
All of the fun of a show at your location, and we provide the space too! Your audience will already be immersed in a topic, now further their experience on the same day with an interactive show.



A 1930’s teen is thrilled when he lands a job at the local factory dumping wastewater into the river. When he finds his favorite watering hole full of dead fish he begins to wonder if he has a part in it. Jimmy loves fishing and is proud when he is able to feed his family from his evening catch, but he also loves bringing home a paycheck. Is it possible that the two ways he provides for his family are at odds? How do you choose? Does he even have to? Jimmy struggles with his role in larger community issues and must make a choice about what it means to be responsible.


Unable to make enough money for his family by farming, the prohibition has driven the prices up enough on Verl’s moonshine business that his family can live comfortably on the proceeds. But could Verl live comfortably with risking others’ lives? While he makes excellent moonshine, your liquor is only as good as the water you make it with, and Verl has noticed something strange about the water lately. With the factories dumping chemicals in the water, could his product be tainted? Verl wrestles with his choice to be a prohibition era moonshiner. Should he provide for his family in this way knowing there is a chance it could injure others?

Bookings available now through mid-September

 In My Hands – Act I

Meet Sam Conger, a young Caucasian worker at the Ball Jar factory. On a day, that appears like any other, he makes a terrifying discovery:  A jar molded with the crest of the Ku Klux Klan.  Sam is now faced with a difficult decision. Does he report the jar to his manager? Will reporting the jar create animosity with his peers? Does he stay silent? Sam struggles with how the Klan has affected his town, his work life, and his family.

In My Heart – Act II

Meet Emmett Ray Davis, a young African-American worker at the Ball factory during the 1920’s. Emmett’s family moved from Missouri to Muncie several years ago to find a better life away from the Jim Crow south. While preparing for the workday, Emmett discovers a Ball Jar with Ku Klux Klan imagery. We join Emmett as he wrestles with what to do about the jar. Should he tell his supervisor? Should he hide it? What might happen if the jar’s creator knew that he found it?

Available for booking beginning October 2018

Performances are 45 minutes—followed by a 15-minute Q & A session with the actors.

What we provide:

  • Highly skilled, Professional Actors
  • A means to grapple with a difficult ethical decision
  • Two historically influenced theatre pieces

What you learn:

  • What life was like in 1920s Muncie
  • What factory work was like in the 1920s
  • How ineffective water runoff can affect the ecology


Prices are based on performance locations within the East Central Indiana Region. Additional shows fees are for same day performances at the same location.
Program Fee: $400 *Discounts available for multiple bookings

County locations:
Delaware, Blackford, Grant, Henry, Jay, Madison, Randolph, Wayne

Outside this region?
Contact us for additional pricing details.


To book your Minnetrista Theatre Preserves performance, contact the Theatre Connections Manager at 765.287.3558, or mention you want a theatre show during your next visit.

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