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Open Space: Art About the Land

I’m going to veer off of the featured historical artifact path and talk about the upcoming Open Space: Art About the Land juried art exhibition opening September 19 at Minnetrista. Early in 2001, Muncie artist Brian Gordy asked, “Would you be interested in collaborating with Red-tail Land Conservancy on a juried art show?” Of course, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” And, thus, a lovely partnership began.

The concept was simple. Artists from Indiana who derive creative inspiration from the land, or whose work celebrates the notion of open space as it related to the land are invited to enter three original artworks for jurying. The juror, often a museum curator or artist, chooses pieces for the show. As this year’s juror, Stephanie Lewis Robertson said, “I considered craftsmanship, understanding of design principles, and motifs that resonated across mediums.” Mediums represented in this year’s show include oil and watercolor paintings, ceramics, glass, photography and more. You’ll see traditional and abstract paintings, jewelry, pottery, sculpture – in other words, a little bit of everything.

The first year, 51 artists entered artwork in the show. For the next decade or so, about fifty-five to seventy artists entered each year. In this 15th anniversary year, ninety-seven artists entered. Wow! The juror had to work really hard to narrow down her choices, and our exhibits staff has to work very hard to install a large number of pieces.

The show is at Minnetrista from September 19 through October 18 before it travels to the Art Assocation of Henry County in New Castle and The Anderson Center for the Arts. Don’t miss it. You’ll see amazing art created by the talented artists of Indiana.

Here are a few pieces that you’ll see in this year’s show:

Rainbow Quadrants by Sharon Owen

Earthscape 19 by Dan Annarino

Red Feather Lake at Dusk by James Hubbard