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Meet the Marketing Team

In recent blogs, you were introduced to the horticulture team and the grounds team. This week, we would like to introduce the marketing team! The marketing team is of responsible for internal and external branding, outreach efforts and continuing Minnetrista’s message to the community and East Central Indiana.

Jeremy – “I have been here since September 2018 and I am the Graphic Designer. I do all of the advertising pieces as well as signage for the atrium cases, exhibits, and around campus. I love being creative and bringing a company to life visually. The fact that I get to be on this campus, walk around, and experience all that Minnetrista has is something that I would not get anywhere else. I feel like our team is very close. We are in constant communication with each other, and all on the same page, striving for the same goals. It’s a lot of fun to work with the marketing team.”

Stephen – “I started as Communications Specialist at Minnetrista in April of 2018. I handle all of the content and copywriting needs for the marketing department. Even being here a year, it still feels like I’ve just arrived. Something incredibly unique about Minnetrista as an organization, a campus, and a destination is that so much is contained under one large umbrella. I’m constantly stumbling on things I didn’t even know existed. The vastness of Minnetrista is part of what makes my job challenging, but also what makes it rewarding.

An added bonus is just how much my two year old daughter loves visiting me at work! Minnetrista might as well be Disney World to her, and whenever she visits I’m able to take her around and show her something new. All-in-all Minnetrista is a great place to work, and the marketing team has been a fantastic group of people to work alongside. ”

Katy — “I have worked at Minnetrista since February of 2018 and I am the Marketing Manager. My job includes working with vendors such as newspapers, radio stations, and other media outlets, scheduling ads, leading projects, working with internal departments to ensure that we are providing the marketing support they need for their programs and events, and leading the marketing team to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals.

I love that Minnetrista is a place that I want to come back and spend time after work is over. I grew up coming to Minnetrista with my family. We loved to walk in the gardens, visit the Farmers Market, and attend all of the signature events. It has been really special to work at Minnetrista and be a part of providing those experiences to others in our community. I have always thought that Minnetrista was a special place and now that I have seen all that goes into what we do, I know it is a special place. I also have an amazing team! They are great at what they do and they make work fun. We work really well as a team and our organization is better because of the talents that each of them bring.”

Ashton- “I started at Minnetrista in July of 2018. My position is Digital Marketing Coordinator. A large portion of my responsibilities include website management, social media management, and digital ads. What I really enjoy about my role is that I get to work and interact with a bunch of different people. I enjoy working ahead on projects like upcoming events, social preparation, and interacting with patrons on our digital platforms. Minnetrista allows for a fun and informative culture that their employees can thrive in. The marketing team is full of personality and I truly love each of my teammates.”

Top left to right: Stephen Mortland, Jeremy Pittsford
Bottom left to right: Ashton Campbell and Katy Maggart