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Weddings at Minnetrista

To many people, the most magical time at Minnetrista is summer, with events such as Faeries, Sprites and Lights and the Fourth of July. However, if you ask a bride or groom they will tell you the real magic and fireworks at Minnetrista occur at each wedding held there. Spanning 40 acres and filled with natural beauty and rich history, Minnetrista is truly a hidden gem wedding location. This week we are going to take a look into what makes Minnetrista the perfect wedding spot and how the event staff works to make each bride and groom’s special day one to remember.

When a new couple is searching Muncie for a place to hold their wedding, they may never expect to find a location like Minnetrista in the middle of a city. With twelve different venue locations, the Minnetrista campus offers a special spot to say “I do” for every couple. Of these twelve venues, six are held outside, surrounded by the beautiful gardens, fountains, and the overall tranquility of nature. The grounds team makes sure to keep all of these locations in prime condition, especially as the number of weddings increase in spring and summer. The other six venues are held indoors, each space boasting a unique view and plenty of space for dance-filled receptions. The average wedding size is right around 100 people, but it can also range from 50 to 150 guests depending on the venue selected.

Regardless the size of the wedding or preparation needed to accommodate, the Minnetrista Sales and Event Coordinator, Kacie Morgan, is there every step of the way to make sure things go smoothly. Kacie works directly with the bride and groom while also overseeing the whole creation of the wedding from start to finish. This process begins when she meets the bride and groom, forming a relationship as they establish what their ideal wedding day looks like. After narrowing down the clients’ vision, Kacie works to meet their specific needs while communicating regularly with the couple. This process includes a consultation, finding the right venue for the ceremony and reception, set-up of chairs and equipment, determining the number of guests, and all those day-to-day details that occur when planning a wedding.

“It’s great getting to know the couples I work with and see the vision they hold of their wedding day play out. My favorite part of my job is being able to attend each wedding and finally see the end result of all the work put in. Seeing the family and friends gathered together and the bride and groom walk down the aisle is great, it makes it all worth it seeing everyone’s reactions as it all comes together. Every wedding at Minnetrista is unique. Our venues, set-ups and staff interaction allow us to provide a one of a kind experience for each couple. Not a single wedding has been the same.”

Kacie’s role in the event planning allows her to develop a close relationship with the couple, which is one of the reasons that contributes to making Minnetrista one of the best wedding spots in East Central Indiana. That staff and team at Minnetrista goes above and beyond to make sure the venue is ready. At most wedding venues or event rentals you won’t find the venue coordinator standing guard at the edge of the wedding ceremony to stop curious pedestrians from interrupting. Or how about taking pictures of the bride and groom signing their marriage licenses after the wedding, just so they have that memory captured? Couples going through this process, such as Ashton and Jordan Winkle, really appreciate this attention to detail and the “above and beyond” effort.

“Kacie was always on top of it,” Ashton explained, “she had spreadsheets for everything. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough as a bride but it was because Kacie was fantastic at her job. I recommend all brides to have a coordinator. The entire Minnetrista Sales and Events Team rocked the day of our wedding with all of the food and even set up our decorations for the reception. The food was phenomenal and they kept everything going smoothly for us on our big day. Jordan and I are so thankful and grateful for Kacie and the rest of the team for creating the perfect day.”

Wedding parties also don’t have to worry about finding the right spot for their wedding photos or even stressing over wedding decorations as they are completely surrounded by blooming flowers, lush gardens, brick pathways, and even colorful benches to use as props. Each outdoor venue location provides a magical feeling and enchanted element to any wedding. Aston and Jordan Winkle were the most recent couple to get married on the Oakhurst Patio at Minnetrista.

“We decided to go with Minnetrista because it is one of the most beautiful places with gorgeous gardens and flowers. We decided because of the wedding date we wanted to have an outside wedding and with the beautiful location we wouldn’t need to do much decorating. And the location was so affordable as well as beautiful,” said Ashton.

The list could go on and on as to why Minnetrista provides such a unique and wonderful wedding experience. If you or someone you know is looking for a spot to host their special day, consider coming to Minnetrista! In addition to weddings, Minnetrista also offers venues to host other special events and even catering services. To find out more details and get connected with the Sales and Events Coordinator, visit minnetrista.net.

Even as this summer slips away and fades into the fall, the Minnetrista gardens and eloquent indoor rooms will still be full of families celebrating a newly wed couple. You may not be able to hear the fireworks as the bride kisses the groom, but it is true that everyone will feel the magic in the air.