Hoosier Innovation
Oct 5 2019 – Feb 16 2020 all-day
Hoosier Innovation

Making the Modern Kitchen

Following East Central Indiana’s gas boom, the Hoosier cabinet, an innovative free-standing piece of kitchen furniture, emerged as one of the most iconic products of the region’s booming industry. Created around 1900, the Hoosier not only revolutionized the home kitchen, but also left its mark on the region, state, and nation for decades to come. Hoosier Innovation considers the story of this influential product and the companies that made it. Take a walk through the gas boom and into daily factory life. Explore the effects of regional industry and the modernization of the American kitchen. Peer in on a slice of history and experience the stories of the men and women caught up in its wake.

The Furniture Guild of Indiana Artisan Exhibition
Nov 2 2019 – Jan 12 2020 all-day

This exhibition will feature the work of Indiana craftsmen designated by the state as Indiana Artisan furniture makers. Their work represents a wide variety of furniture styles and the storied history of Hoosier furniture craftsmen.

The exhibition will be hosted in the newly renovated Oakhurst home.

Thirtieth Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show & Sale
Mar 21 – Apr 26 all-day
Thirtieth Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show & Sale

Friends, families, and fellow artists alike are invited to experience the beautiful and awe-inspiring artwork of professional and avocational artists throughout Indiana in the Thirtieth Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show & Sale. Venture into a world of art, discover your own inner artist, and even purchase the work of these artists’ to liven up your home.

Want to be a part of the show? Submit the 2020 Juried Art Show Prospectus