Minnetrista welcomes photography on its multi-acre campus. We invest substantial resources each year to ensure that our museum and grounds are beautifully and historically maintained for the entire community. Minnetrista is a popular backdrop for family, engagement, bridal and senior photos.  In order to work more cooperatively with professional photographers and ensure a positive experience for all visitors the following guidelines have been developed.

General Visitors

  • Photography is permitted for private, non-commercial use only.
  • Photography and videography for personal enjoyment are encouraged! Share your photos with us via our social media accounts using the hashtag #minnetrista
  • Tripods and a standard flash are permitted, additional photographic equipment and props are not permitted.
  • To help us preserve the outdoor sculptures, gardens, and experience for all visitors, please do not climb, lean or sit on any sculptural elements and remain on the pathways.

Professional Photography and Video Shoots

  • Professional/Commercial photography and videography is defined as:
    • Photography and Video shoots involving props, changes of clothing, or more equipment than a tripod and standard flash.
    • Shoots that are works for hire, involve client photography, or involve the exchange of money for a service.
  • Professional Photographers and Videographers must become a member of Minnetrista at the Photographer level ($175/year). Funds directly support the maintenance and development of the grounds at Minnetrista.
  • Membership must be current and renewed annually. Upon receipt of membership fees, an orientation session will be scheduled with the photography professional. At the orientation the photography professional will receive an ID badge that should be worn at all times when working with clients on the grounds.
    • Membership Benefits:
      • Unlimited outdoor sessions for photographer and up to 2 assistants
      • Preferred Photographer listing on our website
      • Family membership
      • Preferred photographer listing in rental booklet
  • All photographers must sign in and out at the front desk upon arrival and departure.
  • Photo Credit: Minnetrista requires the locations credit: Minnetrista, Muncie, IN in all commercial uses of images taken at Minnetrista.
  • Prior to the photo session please contact: Minnetrista Marketing Manager, 765-287-3525, during regular business hours to check the availability for your photo shoot. Minnetrista reserves the right to deny access to the museum and grounds for photography purposes to anyone (including members) if the photo shoot conflicts with other scheduled events. Those renting the grounds for special events and Minnetrista events receive priority.

Become a Minnetrista Photography Member

Photography Session Guidelines:

When on the Minnetrista grounds, we ask that you honor our photography guidelines, which reflects our commitment to protecting the aesthetics, beauty, and historical nature of our organization. Minnetrista maintains the right to adjust these guidelines in specific instances to protect the best interest of the organization.

  • Photographers will be held accountable for themselves as well as their clients while working on the grounds.
  • Photographers and clients must stay on walkways or grass at all times.
  • Please do not open and/or enter through any gates that have been locked or chained off without prior approval.
  • Please respect Minnetrista property and grounds by not climbing, leaning or sitting on sculptures and sculptural elements; staging photos in the garden beds, picking flowers, and climbing on water features and trees for photos.
  • Please do not leave props or equipment unattended on any walkways. Photographers assume full responsibility for their property while on Minnetrista grounds.
  • We ask that while on Minnetrista grounds your group respects the family centered philosophy of our organization in dress, actions and content of photographs.
  • Photographs must not be used to assert or imply that Minnetrista endorses any commercial product or enterprise, concurs with the opinions expressed in, or confirms the accuracy of any text used with these photographs.
  • Failure to adhere to photography guidelines may result in the termination of photography privileges.

News Media Photography Guidelines

  • News media may photograph or film at Minnetrista for the purpose of news coverage. All members of the media must make arrangements with the Marketing Manager prior to their arrival.

Student Projects

  • Students who wish to photograph or video on Minnetrista property or at Minnetrista events for class assignments must obtain approval from Minnetrista. All activities must take place during normal business hours. Minnetrista images in assignments may not be used for public dissemination in any form other than classroom or gallery display for education purposes. Please contact the Minnetrista Marketing Manager at least 3 business days prior to your desired photo shoot or event.

List of Preferred Photographers