To ensure that you and your students have the best possible learning experience,
we would like to suggest the following:

  • Please arrive at Minnetrista 10 minutes prior to your scheduled program time. This will allow time for you to get oriented before the program begins (e.g. store lunches, use restrooms, make payment, etc.).
  • Please make sure your students are properly dressed for the weather. Most of our programs occur outdoors for at least part of the
    program. In case of inclement weather, alternate locations may be used.
  • Please have your students wear name tags.
  • Please plan to leave 10–15 minutes after the end of your last tour. This allows time to gather items, use the restroom, and load the buses.


Unless other arrangements have been made, each class will follow a Minnetrista tour leader. If there is more than one class, the groups will rotate so that each class will do the same things at different times.

Your class may be divided into smaller groups or split up to make a larger group for your tour. We will make every attempt to notify you of this possibility before you arrive.


On arrival, please provide front desk with an accurate student, teacher, and parent count.

There are various ways to expedite this process:

  • Collect payments from parents prior to arrival and present them all together at the Front Desk.
  • Pay for your students on the day of the tour with a check from your school.
  • If you cannot provide payment on the day of the tour, please provide the appropriate Purchase Order information. School tour rates are applicable to groups of 10 students or more. If your group has less than 10 students you will be billed for the minimum 10 students required to receive the tour.


If your group is arriving in a bus or van, you may pull into the circle drive in front of the Minnetrista Center Building to unload. At the time of unloading, a staff member will direct your driver to our bus parking location. Chaperone and additional vehicles can be parked in the main parking lot next to the Minnetrista Center Building, just off Minnetrista Parkway.



If you are looking for ways to get your students prepared and excited for your tours at Minnetrista, ask Education Manager Ashley Mann for fun and educational pre-tour and post-tour activities. Contact Ashley at amann@minnetrista.net.