School Tours: Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies

September–November; Mid-April–June
Grades K–2 (90 minutes each)

Pairs well with:

  • Tours—Habitat Hunters, Garden Science

Kids are often afraid of spiders, touchy about insects, and spooked by things that crawl. This program will bring your students up close and personal with the amazing and important world of nature’s most prominent, yet misunderstood animal populations.

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What will my students do?

  • Search for live creepy crawlies in our garden spaces
  • Identify the differences between insects, arachnids, and other crawlies with our model collection
  • Buzz around from flower to flower while playing the pollination game
  • See real preserved specimens in metamorphosis stages, then run in the metamorphosis relay
  • Identify how insect communication and senses are different from our own

What will my students learn?

  • Understand that not all creepy crawlies are the same
  • Identify anatomical differences
  • Examine models to better understand creatures
  • Discover the life cycle differences of various crawlies
  • Identify basic characteristics used for scientific classification
  • Follow instructions in the correct order to assemble an end product
  • Identify the role that creepy crawlies can play in our lives and ecosystems

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