Enjoy a slice of Minnetrista at home!

Hear about some of our staff’s favorite spots on our campus and check them out for yourself.

Learn how to cook some exciting and delicious recipes from our very own Chef Abigail.

Read a story from our Oakhurst Experience collection.


Minnetrista Staff’s Favorite Spots

Emily’s Favorite Spot – Rose Garden

Will’s Favorite Spot – Nature Area Pond

Hannah’s Favorite Spot – Nature Area Entry

Andria’s Favorite Spot – Wishing Well


Cooking with Chef Abigail

Smoked Chicken

Homemade Goats Milk

Beef Jerkey

Sourdough Bread

Shrimp Stir Fry

Singing with Goats


Oakhurst Story Time Readings

When the Root Children Wake Up

Betty’s Dollhouse

Betty Ball Takes the Train

Helen, Betty, and the Treehouse

Mother’s Hat Party

Elisabeth in Fairyland

Dread Welsh Dragon