Minnetrista Theatre Preserves: Little Red Riding Hood

June 16, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Free Community Event

Most folks are familiar with the classic Brothers Grimm story, Little Red Riding Hood. Over the years there have been many reinterpretations of the beloved faerie tale. Minnetrista Theatre Preserves have developed a performance that attempts to understand, and harmonize the many different versions that have emerged from a variety of different cultures. Embarking on a journey to deliver canned goods to her grandmother’s house, Red meets a writer with a terrible case of writer’s block. Together the two of them explore the diverse interpretations of Little Red Riding Hood, including a brand new version set in space!

The production is inspired by the imagination of Elisabeth “Betty” Ball and her historic book collection. Throughout her life, she collected all sorts of different versions of faerie tales from different cultures. She even wrote her own faerie tales, poems, and plays. When you see our Little Red Riding Hood, we hope that you are inspired to make your own version or maybe you want to make a completely new story!

This performance will be held on the Cabin Lawn next to Betty’s Cabin in our Oakhurst Gardens.