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Various exhibits are featured in Minnetrista’s three gallery spaces. These exhibits are catered to all different age-groups and interests, with an emphasis on art, history, and interactive experiences. Minnetrista designs in-house exhibits as well as hosting out-of-town travelling exhibits. Our exhibits are always rotating and changing to ensure that there is always something new for you to discover!

Jan 25 – May 3 all-day

Animationland by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry allows visitors of all ages to explore the world of animation through art and science. Visitors will learn how to incorporate animation skills into the creation process through hands-on interactives and discover exciting, dynamic ways to tell their own stories. Children will be amazed as their own drawings come to life before their eyes, or as they are transported into imaginary, animated scenes. Using intuitive technology, Animationland is a totally unique way of empowering everyone to become the author of their own stories.

30th Annual Minnetrista Juried Art Show & Sale
Mar 21 – Apr 26 all-day
30th Annual Minnetrista Juried Art Show & Sale

Friends, families, and fellow artists alike are invited to experience the beautiful and awe-inspiring artwork of professional and avocational artists from throughout Indiana in the 30th Annual Minnetrista Juried Art Show & Sale. Venture into a world of art, discover your own inner artist, and even purchase the work of these artists’ to liven up your home.

30th Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Program

2020 Juried Art Show & Sale Digital Artwork


View our 30th Annual Juried Art Show & Sale Awards Video here