Explorer Bags are currently unavailable due to our building closures. Minnetrista plans to reopen our indoor experiences to members on October 2 and will reopen to the public on October 10.


Discover new ways to explore our 40-acre campus. Explorer bags are filled with gadgets, tasks, and activities to help lead you on exciting explorations. Your Minnetrista adventure begins here!

Cost: Non-members – $5; members and kids 3 and under – Free

Butterfly Bag

Late July- October
Stretch your wings at Minnetrista’s during monarch season with our Butterfly Bag! Explore what it feels like to be a butterfly, design your own butterfly-friendly garden, and take home your own milkweed seeds to start your own Monarch Waystation. Fun for all ages, the Butterfly Bag will get you moving, hunting, and imagining together.

Health and Wellness Bag

April – October
Stop, race, and pop into an adventure that will get your pulse jumping! Explore Minnetrista’s campus along the Cardinal Greenway by getting on the move. Count your steps as you dash across the East Lawn, then challenge each other to a bubble popping frenzie. Wellness has never been this fun and easy for the whole family!

Faerie Hunt Bag

May – September
The legacy of faeries has been alive at Minnetrista for over 100 years. Read the books and explore the gardens that inspired Elisabeth “Betty” Ball’s faerie poetry. This bag includes all the tools you’ll need to find faeries across campus and log your sightings. While you’re here, don a crown, scout out faerie rings, send a note by Faerie Post!

Pond Discovery Bag

Get your hands wet with tools to investigate Minnetrista’s wetlands. Located next to the White River and with three ponds on site, Minnetrista is home to a variety of native fish, frogs, and turtles. Venture through the woods and along the river to find the science and stories behind water animals, then grab some fish food make some new finned friends!

Art Around Me Bag

Beauty is everywhere, if you look for it! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Art Around Me offers tips and tools to see and create together through artists’ eyes. Explore texture, make a mess, and try new a new medium! This is a great way to see Minnetrista in a dozen new ways.

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Winter Bird Quest Bag

Beat the winter blues by bundling up for a winter bird quest! Explore the bird five habitats across Minnetrista’s campus, using high-res optics, feed samples, and local field guides, then add to Minnetrista’s Birding Hobby Book. Before you leave, warm up inside with Bird Bingo and a storybook featuring our feathered friends.

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Snow Day Bag

School may be cancelled, but Minnetrista’s just getting warmed up. Curl up with a classic winter book, have a snowball fight, follow animal tracks, decorate a snowman, and more.