Gardens & Nature Area

Nature Area Hours
Monday-Saturday; 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sunday; Noon.-5:30 p.m.

Oakhurst Gardens Hours
Monday-Saturday; 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sunday; Noon-5:30 p.m.


Oakhurst Gardens is open as a meditative reflection space for our community. Even in the most solitary of times, we can become busy and distracted. We invite you to turn off the news feeds, social media updates, and email notifications to find a moment of rest in the shade of Oakhurst. Restrooms are available. Social distancing will be observed and Minnetrista staff will be wearing masks for your safety.

Please Use
Social Distancing


Please note that our outdoor spaces are occasionally closed for special events or weather. The most recent updates can be found on our social media channels. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience!

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Nature Area

Location: Across St. Joseph St. from The Orchard Shop at Minnetrista

The Nature Area features three representations of Indiana native habitats. A tall grass prairie, a man-made pond, and a woodland area. Enjoy a great space to walk and explore!
*The Nature Area has rugged terrain and hills. Visit the Minnetrista Center Building to schedule a cart ride through this area.


Orchard Garden

Location: Behind The Orchard Shop at Minnetrista

Visit the Orchard Garden during the summer months and enjoy a variety fruits and vegetables! Learn about different ways to build and maintain a garden space. This garden is open for all to enjoy!


Culinary Herb Garden

Location: Next to The Orchard Shop at Minnetrista

Stop by the Culinary Herb Garden during the warmer months and enjoy a wide variety of herbs. Feel free to pick, smell, and enjoy! This garden is open to all and we encourage you to harvest the herbs and cook with them at home.


Wishing Well Garden

Location: Next to The Orchard Shop at Minnetrista

This garden space contains a four-seasons garden that provides year-round interest. This garden was designed by groups of volunteers with the goal of educating by displaying a variety of perennial plants that provide season-long interest, color, texture, and differing heights.


Rain Garden

Location: East lawn next to the Center Building

The Rain Garden uses its 6,200 square feet to capture storm water. It is designed to hold water for up to two days, allowing it to slowly filter back into the soil. Native perennials thriving in this natural area are tolerant of the fluctuating water conditions.


Rose Garden & Gazebo

Location: Next to the Center Building

Enjoy a variety of beautiful roses and an antique wrought iron gazebo. This garden is planted like a color wheel starting with orange and ending up with intense red shades. The Rose Garden is the perfect place to stop and enjoy!


Bird & Butterfly Garden

Location: Next to the Center Building

This garden is designed to attract birds and butterflies by displaying attracting plants loved by both. You will see a nice mix of annuals, bulbs, perennials, shrubs, evergreens, and small trees. Enjoy a walk and see what kind of birds and butterflies you can find!

Oakhurst Gardens

Location: Behind the Oakhurst Home

Oakhurst Gardens are the perfect place to walk and explore. Experience peaceful shade from the oak trees, enjoy gazing at the garden beds filled with beautiful perennials, shrubs, and annuals, keep your eye out for intricate mosaics, and have fun in Betty’s Cabin.

Colonnade Garden

Location: East of the L.L. Ball Home

Sit and relax in a peaceful escape amidst limestone columns draped in wisteria, intricate mosaics, and capitals set in lush, shade-loving perennial plantings.


Backyard Garden

Location: Behind the L.L. Ball home

Wander through the Backyard Garden and discover colorful flowers, the goldfish and koi pond, and numerous places to play, enjoy a picnic, or relax!